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Making your home as singular as you is essential,

and it shouldn’t be overwhelming. That’s the philosophy behind DMF Maison. Created as an extension of DMF Interiors by founder and interior designer Deborah Fribourg, DMF Maison is a tribute to the resilient women in Deborah’s life who have fearlessly expressed themselves and unapologetically made their homes their own. While DMF Maison is inspired by women, it is created for all, and it  brings access to unique, eclectic home goods in one trustworthy spot. 


From a very young age, Deborah found herself immersed in her mother’s world of antique fabrics. She saw first-hand how her mother could make something incredible from seemingly nothing. Right before her eyes, Deborah witnessed 19th Century cloth brought back to life in the form of a throw pillow or beautiful, contemporary curtains. These moments of magic inspired her to use her own talents to create home decor that offers a balance of both old and new. DMF Maison is a collection of handmade, custom, one-of-a-kind treasures that will give your home the feeling of an off-the-beaten-path shop in a new city where you want to buy everything.

DMF Maison is handmade and hand picked goods

to breathe life into your home.


For more on Deborah's work, follow @deborahfsasson on Instagram.

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